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طلبات المكتبات
طلبات المكتبات
  1. In case your order exceeds 2000 Dolar and with a minimum of two copies of each book, you will be able to get additional Discount And we will send you Offer price As soon as we recive your Request
  2. For commercial libraries across the world, a very special discount in the case of the desire to supply books for sale and for quantities exceeding 5000 Dolar . We can ship to you from Cairo or Beirut to your country By sea Or air Port
  1. Download the desired Excel file from the menus displayed below and specify the required quantity from each book.
  2. Send Us an e-mail To With the Request
  3. For phone call (+202) .. 01006223299 - (+2) 228873246
Or you can do this through the shopping basket whichever is easier for you
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